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Tomato-Caper Salad : This chunky salad gets a bit of crunch from diced green bell pepper. It's delicious served with flatbread or alongside grilled fish.

Paula Wolfert shares her expertise and photos with the members of her Moroccan Cooking group on Facebook. Here, some of her comments:. When Bram, the first clay pot store in the US, opened in Sonoma , where I live, I went in and greeted its owners with my best Bogart impression: "Of all the gin joints in all the world, you had to walk into mine!

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While I lived in Tangier, my butcher usually added a chunk of lamb-tail fat to my lamb order for couscous. This, he told me, would enhance the broth's texture and flavor. No other cookbook has come close to capturing the essence, culture and history of this cuisine. Similarly, no food writer has possessed as much knowledge or has written as beautifully about Moroccan cooking as Paula Wolfert.

She devotes separate chapters to breads, soups, savory pastries and those tiny grains of semolina that we know as couscous. The latter chapter is particularly beneficial to anyone like me who made the deranged decision to purchase, drag across the country and then lug back home a couscoussiere , the traditional, two-tiered pot that steams couscous. In that chapter Wolfert takes readers step-by-step through the process of rolling, steaming and raking thousands of semolina grains until they become light, airy and, well, couscous.

Wolfert also shares how to make such classic Moroccan seasonings as chermoula, ras el hanout and preserved lemons. Sort order.

Sep 13, Pam rated it it was amazing. I Love! Sep 07, William Burruss added it Shelves: cooking. I lived in Paris in and fell in love with Moroccan food from the Latin Quarter. Returning to the US I had to learn how to fix it. Mar 30, Rosminah rated it it was amazing.

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The best book of Moroccan cookery and recipes I have ever read. Wolfert lived in Morocco, then made the recipes based on ingredients available to the standard American, so it translates perfectly for us tableside tourists. The recipes match really well for the food I ate when in Morocco, both restaurant style and the dishes I ate in private homes.

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I just realized that I have been cooking from this book for almost 30 years -- and it looks it! Although I have never made the "brain salad" seriously folks, it's in the salad section I think I have made --and enjoyed-- just about every other recipe in this book. One of my first cookbooks, it made me a Wolfert follower. Jun 08, Caro rated it really liked it Shelves: morocco , ill. From this I've made a delicious and easy bisteeya with chicken thighs instead of pigeon, as we had in Marrakesh and an easy Moroccan bread.

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  • An in-depth exploration of this culture and cuisine, which is so much more accessible to US cooks 40 years on. Dec 29, Rima rated it really liked it. Dec 29, Mia added it. Wolfert presents authentic procedures for cooking Moroccan food, no doubt. However, her couscous recipe alone would take hours!

    I'll make the 5-minute stuff, authentic or not!

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    I didn't make any recipes from this book, but I really enjoyed reading the descriptions and cultural notes. Apr 20, Tatiana rated it really liked it Shelves: cookbooks. May 22, Paula Devi Wagner rated it it was amazing. Wonderful and authentic. Lots of great information about the culture. Heidi rated it it was amazing Dec 25,