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Access provided by: anon Sign Out. An Approximation Approach to Network Information Theory Abstract: The interaction between communication entities, which is unique in the network setting, have been at the root of many difficult challenges in communications and information theory.

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This monograph advocates a sequential approach to make progress on the network communication problem. In order to do this, the channel and source model to capture the essence of the network communication problem are simplified and connected to the original problem.

This leads to the concept of approximate characterizations of the channel capacity region and source coding rate regions. Approximate solutions to information theory problems are not new. However, they are by and far isolated results each with its own proof technique.

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Distributed coordination in network information theory Author s Schein, Brett E. Brett Eric. Download Full printable version 1. Other Contributors Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Advisor Robert Gallager. Terms of use M.

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  3. Distributed coordination in network information theory;
  4. Metadata Show full item record. Abstract Constructing a large-scale wireless data network is spectacularly expensive. It is therefore important to understand how to efficiently utilize the physical infrastructure and available battery power, which are expensive system resources. Unfortunately, we currently understand very little about efficient communication in a distributed environment.