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RDS "Static" services include:. Program Service Name or PS for short : This simply displays a name of call letters instead of the broadcast frequency.

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The advantage here is that most RDS-equipped tuners let you scan available broadcasts by program type so you can find what you want quickly. RDS "Dynamic" services:.

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Read All. What the heck is the RDS?

On Air Now. Donna D. RDS standardizes several types of information transmitted, including time , station identification and program information.

Both carry data at 1, The data is sent with error correction. Not mandatory.

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RDS defines many features including how private in-house or other undefined features can be "packaged" in unused program groups. The EBU Technical Committee launched a project at its Paris meeting to develop a technology with similar purposes to ARI, but which was more flexible and which would enable automated retuning of a receiver where a broadcast network transmitted the same radio programme on a number of different frequencies.

The modulation system was based on that used in a Swedish paging system and the baseband coding was a new design, mainly developed by the British Broadcasting Corporation BBC and the IRT.

Radio Data System (RDS) (All)

Enhancements to the alternative frequencies functionality were added to the standard and it was subsequently published as a European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization CENELEC standard in In the U. The standard will be created in close collaboration with U. There are a growing number of RDS implementations in portable audio and navigation devices thanks to lower-priced, small-footprint solutions.

RDS - Radio Data System

In this situation, stereo enhancement devices combined with aggressive audio processing could render the RDS subcarrier unreceivable. Composite clipping systems may also degrade the RDS sub-carrier because of the harmonics created by the clipping. More modern composite clippers include filtering to protect the RDS subcarrier.

Radio Data System

This is mainly a problem for Americans taking portable radios out of their country. The physical layer in the standard describes how the bitstream is retrieved from the radio signal. This allows for retrieving the RDS bitstream via a differential decoder, which requires a synchronised clock and a differentially encoded bit-stream.

There is also a library librds that simplifies application development by handling the communication with rdsd. While rdsd depends on a V4L2 compatible architecture, librds can be cross platform! Development progress in that project is somewhat slow as there is only one developer.

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Any help is highly welcome! Within the rdsd project, a simple console tool rdsquery has been developed. Other possible applications could be:. It is possible to embed radio text and station names into icecast streams as described on this page. Jump to: navigation , search.

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