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The BFG is 10 - x faster than git-filter-branch , turning an overnight job into one that takes less than ten minutes.

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Also see more feedback on Twitter That's it - the Scala library and all other dependencies are folded into the downloadable jar. Which has got to be better than Bash scripting at least some of the time.

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Examples In all these examples bfg is an alias for java -jar bfg. Your current files are sacred Note: Cleaning Git repos is about completely eradicating bad stuff from history. If something 'bad' like a 10MB file, when you're specifying --strip-blobs-bigger-than 5M is in a protected commit, it won't be deleted - it'll persist in your repository, even if the BFG deletes if from earlier commits. If you want the BFG to delete something you need to make sure your current commits are clean.

BFG Repo-Cleaner

Note that although the files in those protected commits won't be changed, when those commits follow on from earlier dirty commits, their commit ids will change, to reflect the changed history - only the SHA-1 id of the filesystem-tree will remain the same. BFG's performance advantage is due to these factors: The approach of git-filter-branch is to step through every commit in your repository, examining the complete file-hierarchy of each one.

For the intended use-cases of The BFG this is wasteful, as we don't care where in a file structure a 'bad' file exists - we just want it dealt with. Inherent in the nature of Git is that every file and folder is represented precisely once and given a unique SHA-1 hash-id. All action takes place in a single process the process of the JVM , so doesn't require the frequent fork-and-exec-ing needed by git-filter-branch 's mix of Bash and C code.

Feedback I tried deleting using several "how to" blog entries for git filter-branch, but wasn't successful. Then tried The BFG; worked like a champ - very cool tool! In both books, The BFG catches dreams and stores them up in his cavernous home before sharing the good dreams with sleeping children.

There are a few differences though: in Danny , The BFG is said to be "three times as tall as an ordinary man," whilst when Sophie first spots him in The BFG , she thinks he is "four times as tall as the tallest human. While the others rush off to gobble up 'human beans' every night, The BFG survives on a diet of snozzcumbers yucky and frobscottle yummy, and with interesting side effects A new film version of the story directed by Steven Spielberg is planned for release in Registered Charity No.

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Company limited by guarantee number Roald Dahl's Marvellous Children's Charity. Made by Opencultu.

Basket 0. The Big Friendly Giant.

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Description "I is a nice and jumbly giant! Two rights don't equal a left.

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This is where all dreams is beginning Teach the story The BFG lesson plans.